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RI embroidered apparel

The historical roots of embroidery, in its purest form, are unknown, but there are examples of embroidery dating back to ancient Egypt, the Iron Age in northern Europe, and the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China. Embroidery originated as a handicraft and still is very popular both for home enthusiasts and professionals.

During the early stages of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, embroidery was adapted to mass production through automation. The early-automated embroidery machines were comprised of a machine with machine looms and a team of female workers embroidering textiles by hand.

RI embroidered apparel

Today, Graphic Perspective uses an SWF multi-head 15-color automatic embroidery machine that uses digitized patterns in combination with embroidery software to make the process fully automated. In addition to the ability to mass-produce embroidered product, the modern day embroidery machines produce high quality embroidery at a low cost.


The Graphic Perspective Embroidery Process »

Step 1
The Design

Many clients provide Graphic Perspective with their own design and if the client does not have a design Graphic Perspective will work with the client to create a design for them. The preferred electronic file formats for client-supplied designs are .JPG or .PDF.

Step 2
Digital Conversion

The design files must be converted into a language that the automated embroidery machines can understand, so the .JPG or .PDF files are digitized, converting the file into a stitch pattern that the embroidery machine understands.

The digitized file will determine the thread running order and the colors to be used.

Step 3
Thread Selection

Depending on the requirements of the design, the embroidery machine can be loaded with:

  • Metallic threads
  • Neon colored threads
  • Standard colored threads

What products types are suitable for embroidery by Graphic Perspective?
Hats, jackets, polo-type shirts, and dress shirts.


ri embroidered apparelIf you would like to learn more about the embroidery process please contact Graphic Perspective.


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