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Graphic Perspective uses environmentally friendly water-based inks, where possible. Water-based ink contains dyes or pigments suspended in water. After application, evaporation of the water is required to cure the ink and this can take place at room temperature. Another benefit of water-based inks is the soft feel the clothing has after printing because the ink blends with the fabric.


In addition to utilizing an environmentally friendly printing process, Graphic Perspective can use water-based inks on environmentally friendly garments:

  • Bamboo clothing is clothing made from 100% bamboo yarn. As a natural product derived entirely from plant cellulose, bamboo fiber is biodegradable in soil by microorganisms and sunlight. Furthermore bamboo, unlike cotton, grows very fast and can be continually re-harvested with little damage to the surrounding environment.
  • Hemp is one of the faster growing crops for textiles and is environmentally friendly because it requires few pesticides and no herbicides.
  • Recycled fiber reclamation mills are used to recycle garments by shredding them to create material for a recycled yarn used to produce new garments.

The combination of an environmentally friendly textile and a water-based ink silk-screen design produces a finished garment that will minimally impact our planet.


RI environmentally friendly apparelIf you would like to learn more about Graphic Perspective's environmentally friendly garment printing processes and environmentally friendly garment materials, please contact Graphic Perspective.


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