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Graphic Perspective has a great deal of experience working with race directors to produce silk-screened tee-shirts, embroidered baseball caps and a wide variety of printed, or embroidered, apparel for:

  • Road races
  • Cross-country meets
  • Track and field meets
  • Soccer competitions
  • Gymnastics events

...and all other sporting events.


Many businesses in today's marketplace wish to control the corporate identity of their business's brands while their employees are with or around clients and potential clients. corporate branded apparel is a great way to market your business.

Graphic Perspective can work with the race/event directors to:

  • Select the mix of sizes for the event
  • Pick a product to meet the event budget requirements
  • Create a graphic design, if required
  • Deliver the products on time

From low-cost single color silk-screened tee-shirts; to multi-color silk-screened tee-shirts; to embroidered jackets and caps, Graphic Perspective has the products to make your fundraising event a success.


Whether you have a logo or motif designed for your event or if you need assistance designing your logo or motif, Graphic Perspective can support your project.

Please view some of our samples below:

RI sports events RI sports events RI sports events

RI sports eventsIf you would like to learn more about the custom apparel for sporting please contact Graphic Perspective.


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